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Each whole food product is GMO, gluten and sugar free, vegan friendly and contains

no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated ingredients.

Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure:

33% Three Tier Commissions: We have a three tier commission structure and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

1st Tier – 15% | 2nd Tier – 10% | 3rd Tier – 8%

17% Three Tier Large Retail Commissions: You can also earn commissions when you sell any of our products to large retail chains. Any retail store that orders quantities of 500 or more of the product OR has 5 retail outlets or more are considered large retail chains.

1st Tier – 10% | 2nd Tier – 5% | 3rd Tier – 2%

10% Profit sharing: Chews-4-Health International is the first company in history to offer a profit sharing program to their Affiliates from all sales taking place in major retail outlets across the world, a perk no Fortune 500 company offers their Affiliates! When our products are sold at a major retailer YOU earn money!

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